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Superworms are perfect for larger insect eating reptiles. They are a great option for pet owners who dislike crickets/chirping and have a long shelf life however should not be fed as a main feeder.  They make a great supplemental feeder choice for adult bearded dragons, savannah monitors, chameleons, large geckos and skinks to name a few.  Superworms should be stored in a container a few inches deep (to prevent escape) on a bedding of approximately 2 inches of bran or similar substrate.  Feed fresh fruit and veggies such as apple, potato and carrot, changing frequently.  Do NOT refrigerate. Superworms can live several months with proper care.  A varied diet of appropriate feeders for your reptile is the best option to meet nutritional needs. It is recommended to gutload your feeders as well as “dust” them in any additional supplements your pet may require before feeding.
Nutritional Information: Moisture 59.6%, Ash 1.1%, Protein 22.2%, Fat 17%, Calcium (ml/100 grs) 10.8

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